I heard a good analogy this week that I think provides a new way of looking at the Gospel parable Jesus told of the barren fig tree.

The analogy is this:

Imagine you have been arrested and you are going to have to front up to court.

The charge read to the court is that “(insert your name) is charged with being a Christian.”

The question you need to answer: Is there enough evidence to convict you?

That is another way of looking at the meaning of Jesus’ story of the fig tree.

The fig tree was being given another chance to bear fruit.

In the analogy of being charged for being a Christian, we are given a chance to prove there is enough evidence to convict us of the charge of being a Christian.

Perhaps we feel like we need more time to go and produce more evidence?

The call by Jesus and Paul in today’s readings for repentance is a message for us to produce evidence by the way we live that shows we are truly a follower of Jesus.

Photo by Denis Oliveira on Unsplash