A few words of thanks for some assistance we have received recently:

Firstly, our start up Advisory Group has been meeting weekly to support the initial planning for our community. Thanks to local residents Mark and Lara Rupac, Tessie James, John Missio and Michael Mendieta as well as Richard McMahon from the Diocesan planning team, our friend Ann O’Connor and my wife, Annette.

Secondly, to Fr Vincy and Fr Joshy of The Good Shepherd Parish, Plumpton, for the opportunity to assist and preach the Homily at their English Masses last weekend. It was a great opportunity to let the parishioners of Plumpton know about our initial plans. Annette and I received a very warm welcome from the people of Plumpton. I know that a number of people who currently worship in this Parish have either moved to Marsden Park or are planning to do so soon, so it was good to be able to let them know about the new Catholic community we are forming.

Finally, as I begin to put together a roster of Priests to say Mass at Marsden Park, I have had great support up front from the Priests of the Order of St Camillus. Fr. Meng, Fr. Dado and Fr. Bong will be regular visitors to our new community. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Deacon Tony Hoban