The most significant time of the Christian year is the time we are in now: Holy Week, Easter and beyond.

It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the triumph of Palm Sunday’s entry of Jesus into Jerusalem to the (apparent) desolation of the Cross, to the immense joy of the Resurrection and to the confused start by the followers of Jesus to forming the first Christian community.

It resonates with us because we all ride through similar emotions in our own lives.

Our faith lives also are rarely on an even-keel.

We advance a bit and then fall back.

We follow Jesus for a while and sometimes slip and follow the false promises of the evil one.

We are sometimes the people adoring Jesus for the greatness of his work and sometimes those rejecting him.

We are sometimes the weak-willed Peter and sometimes the confused disciples on the road to Emmaus.

But we are all ultimately like Peter on the beach with Jesus post the Resurrection. Not being called to lead his entire Church (though we all have a significant role to play) but being called to affirm our renewed love for Jesus and to receive his renewed love, forgiveness and mercy.

We are reminded at this time of the year how much God loved us through the struggles, sufferings and death of Jesus and how much God loves us today.

We are reminded that this IS a journey that we are on.

That, like every Saint, we will have our doubts and failings but that we must return from the wrong-turns and get back onto the main road of our journey to the room Jesus has prepared for us in his Father’s house.

To trust that God’s mercy is bigger than any failing we can ever have if we can just turn to him and ask for his forgiveness.

May God’s blessings be upon you and your family at this most special time of year.

May we journey together in faith, hope and love.

Deacon Tony Hoban