This is what our St Luke’s community members say that they love about our faith community:
– Diversity
– Inclusive
– Welcoming🙂
– Community spirit
– Welcoming
– How it is inclusive, supportive and diverse
– A wonderful and dynamic community
– Participative
– St Luke’s catholic community is like a home
– Welcoming, inclusive hospitable
– I like how it is a productive community and how it gives kids a chance to be able to participate
– Friendly, inclusive people
– Welcoming to new members of the community
– I like how very welcoming the community is, and how they care for us
– St Luke’s is an example for ‘Unity in Diversity’… A very cohesive community constantly endeavouring to reflect Christ in thoughts, words and deeds
– Love the real sense of a faith community, the love of and for Jesus is shown through every person
– We love how we come together as a community and help each other grow in faith. Special thanks to Deacon Tony, Annette and family for all your support
– We love the great leadership and vibrant members of this community, so generous and answering to God’s call
– We are truly blessed to have St Luke’s as our own Parish. We praise and thank God to make this become a reality for our community. God bless you all
– It feels like one big family
– I come for children’s liturgy and friends
– We love how inclusive it is 💚
– What I like about St Luke’s is we get to learn about Jesus
– A vibrant community!
– Although St Luke’s doesn’t have a physical church, it is a beacon of God’s love manifested through a wonderful community